Who is ANSA?

    ANSA was founded in 1967 by air traffic controllers of the german air navigation services under the name of „Evaluation Group - Air Navigation Services - Europe“, ANSE for short. In the following years among its then 45 members in 22 countries belonged civil and military air traffic controllers, pilots, dispatchers, telecommunication operators, engineers, lawyers, instructors, ATS experts and flight safety investigators. Like then and until today ANSA is not dependent on any governmental or industrial influence.

    The group’s original objective was the improvment of flight safety in general, the reduction of risks for accidents within the air navigation services system and the promulgation on the knowledge of its functioning and weaknesses. Today, the focus is on the historic development of air navigation with the air traffic services in operations over the many years of its existence.

    ANSA is knowledgeable on the peculiarities of the ATS systems in Europe and elsewhere. The know-how of its members reaches back into the first years on the system’s evolvement after WW II. Some of them had even participated in its re-development then. Since the problems of the ATS system were not only of national kind, international cooperation evolved, which then also expressed itself in its logo with the flag of Europe.

    As of 1972 the group’s influence grew under the amended name of „International Advisory Group - Air Navigation Services - ANSA“ with its members of the English speaking aviation community. 13 languages were spoken. And in 1985 the seat of the group was moved from Germany to Switzerland.

    The internet domain „flugsicherungsgeschichte.de“ and the PDF file „The Story of ANSA“ contain further information on its development, activities and projects. Besides this source ANSA publishes historic aviation literature, air traffic control and aviation related reports, books and maps and offers free of charge explanation and information since its foundation.

    Admittedly, smoke signals are no longer in use in air navigation and electro-mechanical systems are mostly outmoded, but digital data processing still poses poblems, like everywhere else, still to be overcome.


    ANSE and ANSA Story 1967-2014
    PDF document, 6.11 MB

    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)