Our own archive material, mainly relating to ATC and the English speaking professional aviation community, has been transferred to the German National Library - DNB in Leipzig in 2010/2012, to the Saxonian State and University Library - SLUB in Dresden in 2012/2013 and to the Technical Information Library - TIB of Hannover University in 2015/2016.

    Among the many documents, various books and reports on air navigation and air traffic control have been published in German and English, such as the seven part - twelve books documentation on the development of air navigation in Germany since 1919 as shown in the internet portal, which is available with the libraries of SLUB Dresden, TIB Hannover, DNB Leipzig, DLR Braunschweig, IFZ München and DFS Langen.

    ANSA’s archive with its remaining stock of documents, aviation maps and charts, operations manuals, presentations, articles and the like, mostly in German or English, are listed in the below PDF file. A corresponding picture archive contains some 1000 figures in color, grayscale and digital form.


    ANSA Archive
    PDF document, 0.3 MB

    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)