ANSA is represented by its founder and president, Frank W. Fischer, and by its deputy managing director, Markus Lenz. The corporation is based at Lüterkofen in the Cantone of Solothurn, Switzerland. Its office is located at Kreuzlingen in the Cantone of Thurgau, Switzerland.

    Frank W. Fischer

    Founder and president of ANSA

    Air Traffic Services Expert, Advisor, Auditor, Dipl. German Civil Aviation Administration Management, German, with over 50 years of professional activity and engagement in air navigation with 27 years of German civil (BFS) and military (USAFE) Air Traffic Control operations in government service as Air Traffic Controller; holder of all types of civil and military ATC licenses; Air Safety Investigator (ISASI Member) on ATC; officially EU-recognized ATM-expert on Air Traffic Control; PPL holder; ICAO project leader; ATC lecturer and instructor; conference speaker, aviation writer.

    Markus Lenz

    Deputy managing director of ANSA

    Management consultant (Diplom-Kaufmann, Master of Business Administration, MBA), German, working in international management consulting, private pilot license (PPL/SPL), economic historian, author of aviation history books, aviation journalist.


    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)
    Eichhornweg 8
    CH 8280 Kreuzlingen, TG, Switzerland

    Telephone Switzerland:
    0041 32 6650493

    Telephone Germany:
    0049 69 24753034

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    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)