This website shall serve all members of the aviation community and all others interested in the subject as a source of rare and old documents, publications, maps and photos, which otherwise became forgotten or are stored away at unknown locations, mostly disregarded and unused. By world war II and in the first decade thereafter a lot of source material on the history of the development of aviation since its existence got lost or was destroyed. To find it again and make it available is the objective of the Digital Aviation Library.

The Digital Aviation Library presents unknown documents and publications on air navigation, which otherwise are not being provided without cost, such as governmental notices to airmen (NOTAM) and aeronautical information publications (AIP), ITU-, ICAN-, IKL- and ICAO-documents and protocols, old aviation laws and regulations, aviation maps, air navigation operations manuals (IBO), flight planning publications of the western allies (RAFAC) of 1945 to 1955.

In addition, this website shows links to other libraries, archives and web sites and provides explanations on the subject on request and free of charge. This way, it serves as a pool for historic commented and uncommented documentation on air navigation, aircraft and aerodromes and shall allow its users to form their own opinion on the occurrences in the past development and operational function.

The Digital Aviation Library is a non-profit and non-commercial website created by the International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA), Switzerland. ANSA was founded in 1967 and has got members in over a dozen countries. ANSA's members are experts in the field of general aviation and air traffic control. There are pilots, historians and economists providing their knowledge to airport operators, airlines, aviation organizations, research and development institutions and for the industry to improve aviation safety in accordance with the standards of ICAO, EU and Eurocontrol.

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Aviation Library

The Aviation Library presents unknown documents, publications, maps and photos on air navigation and air sports, for example aerobatics, aeromodelling, air racing, ballooning, general aviation, gliding, motor flight, aircraft and airplanes, parachuting, etc.

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