The American Magazine of Aeronautics

    One of the earliest American aviation magazines was called “Aeronautics”. The journal was published from 1907 to 1915. During this time, the most important events in aviation took place, for example, the first powered flights performed by the Wright brothers or the use of the famous Curtiss engines in powered flight and much more.

    The magazine had different titles and names: From July 1907 to August 1908 it was called “Aeronautics - The American Magazine of Aeronautics”; from September 1908 to January 1911 it was called “Aeronautics - The American Magazine of Aerial Locomotion”. In January 1914, the magazine “FLY” has been acquired. Furthermore, bulletins of the “Aeronautical Society of America” and news of the “Aero Club of Pennsylvania” were published additionally.

    Volume 1, 1907

    No. 1, 1907, July

    No. 2, 1907, August

    No. 3, 1907, September

    No. 4, 1907, October

    No. 5, 1907, November

    No. 6, 1907, December

    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)