Who is ANSA?

    The International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services offers reports, books, publications and support on the subject of air navigation, air traffic control and aviation history to research institutions, libraries, archives, museums, historians, aviators, students, air navigation concerned persons and aviation journalists. It is independent of influence by governmental administration and the industry. ANSA is a non-profit group of aviation professionals under Swiss law with members of the aviation sector in a dozen countries. It was founded in 1967 in Germany under the former name of “Evaluation Group Air Navigation Services - Europe”.

    Among its members were civil and military pilots, air traffic controllers, dispatchers, telecommunication operators, engineers, instructors, experts on air traffic control and an air safety investigator. ANSA is conversant with the international and national rules, regulations and procedures of the ATC system. The improvement of flight safety in general was the main objective, as was the reduction of the risk of accidents in the air navigation system as well as the broadening of knowledge on the functioning of the ATC system and its weaknesses.

    Today, our aim lies in the explanation of the historical development of the ATC system in operations and engineering over the many decades. For this purpose two separate internet platforms exist: The Digitale Luftfahrt-Bibliothek (German language) and the Digital Aviation Library (English language). The “Digital Aviation Library” offers a multitude of normally not available or forgotten documents for historians, experts and students under the headings of bibliographies, general aviation history, historical aviation documents and aviation maps. Furthermore, ANSA pursues the publication of aviation related reports and books by self-performed publishing and the distribution of aviation literature through communications media of the internet.


    ANSE and ANSA Story 1967-2014
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    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)