50 Years of ANSA

    On February 27, 2017 the ANSA group celebrated its 50th anniversary. Once designated as “Studiengemeinschaft für Flugsicherung” and, for the sake of internationalism, also called “Evaluation Group Air Navigation Services - Europe” (ANSE), the group became active immediately also in side-line activity. ANSA masters the knowledge on the peculiarities of the air traffic services systems of European countries and elsewhere. The professional knowledge of its members reaches back into the early years of the establishment of air navigation after World War II. Some had even actively participated personnally in its evolvement.

    Founded in 1967 by air traffic controllers of the German air navigation services, ANSA, as of 1972, spread out to 22 counries of the English speaking international air navigation sphere, communicated internally in 13 different languages, and over the years participated in a few dozen air navigation projects abroad. It moved its seat in 1985 to Switzerland. The European flag symbol was chosen as its emblem, since not only national, but also international problems had to be tackled by this first unique professional association of the aviation industry sector in Germany. For that reason the name changed 1972 into ANSA. Smoke signals are nowadays no longer in use in air navigation. Electro-mechanical systems are also outmoded, but digital data processing, however, has not ceased to cause problems.


    50 Years of ANSA
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    International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA)