Chicago O'Hare Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Training Manual

Published on June 8, 2021

This handbook was issued in 1975 by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the local training of air traffic controllers in the aerodrome control tower (TWR) and the approach control unit (TRACON) for the control of flights at this airport with its seven runways. Already in 1975 the average number of hourly arrivals and departures amounted to 235 movements. Within the control tower cab always two teams worked back to back in order to cope with the volume of the separated traffic flow. The jurisdiction of TWR and TRACON covered the control zone (CTR) and the terminal control area (TMA).

This handbook, issued only for the internal operation, served as a personal information basis for newcomers, who had the nerv to volunteer for work at Chicago TWR or in the TRACON. It contains all then the airport using airlines and their types of airplanes, the CTR and TMA airspace structure with the approach fixes and holding patterns from the north and the south, the configuration of the landing area, traffic flow procdures, the allocation of working positions and their internal duties and procedures.

Chicago O'Hare Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Training Manual
Publisher: Department of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration

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